Haircare for Dry Hair

I dont normally post about hair care as although I do buy alot of products I'm nver really that blown away that I feel like writing a post about it, however over the past 18 months I have done alot of damage to my hair through dying it and using heat so in June I had everything stripped and put back to my natural shade at the hairdressers so from then on I've been giving more time to hair products and if they really do what they say on the tin. 

1. Dove Nourishing Oil Care - This is my newest find out of the four in the picture and I gave it a go as I love all the other Dove hair range products I have used. You have to shake the oil in the bottle and then just spray it through your hair, you can do this on wet or dry, it creats a mist rather than just random splashes which for me is better as it covers more hair evenly. There is no greasy residue after applying this oil and after putting it on I notice an instant difference. 

2. L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil - I actually bought this at the hairdressers in june and it is lasting so well! You need the tiniest amount and it really smooths my hair. This is a cream oil which is more to my preference as I just prefer the texture. Rather than Argan oil this is Black Cumin oil and I'm finding this to make the most difference out of all of the products but it is the most expensive. An extra to this is that it protects your hair from heat of up to 230 degrees so you can put your haircare and heat protectant on all at once! 

3. Urban Fudge 3in1 Miracle Moisture Stuff - I started using this as soon as we had it at my work about a year a go, I really like this and again it is a cream oil. This one does contain Argan oil but is lightweight and smooths out any dry ends or frizz after blowdrying. This one has been put more to the back of my hair products though since buying the L'Oreal Mythic Oil as they are the same product. Price wise this one is a third of the price of the L'Oreal and can go on offer for under £3 which is a complete bargain! 

4. L'Oreal Professional Wild Stylers Beach Waves - I have tried so many salt sprays its insane, my hair has a natural wave/curl to it so it doesn't have a hard job to give me the results it promises however this is the only one that I find keeps its look throughout the day and doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy at all. This also smells amazing just reminds me of being on holiday and since I've had this from June it's still going strong. 

Let me know of any favourite haircare you use, I read and reply to every comment! 


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  1. My hair is really dry too, I like to use the Philip Kingsley Elastisizer, its pricey but honestly really works

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