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Tom Ford Lipsticks - A Touch of Luxury.

Sometimes a girl needs a bit of luxury in her life, and for me that comes in the shape of a Tom Ford lipstick. They are definitely the most expensive lip product I have ever owned but the formula just makes it worth every penny - they are super creamy and pigmented giving them great lasting power.
I originally splurged on Spanish Pink which is from the original collection and is a lovely everyday pink that goes with basically every makeup look.
I then got into the Lips & Boys collection and found the summer pink shade in Patrick, its a coral pink that is great with a tan and glowy skin. I now own the shade Jay aswell which is a sultry dark purple with a hint of shimmer. 

If you are looking into spoiling yourself then I would definitely give these a try! 


Sheer Nude Nails.

Now if I'm being honest I am actually a huge fan of dark nails, I always gravitate to those sultry smokey shades when I'm perusing the beauty isles - however I HATE the way they look when they chip, they are the most obvious colours when they have seen their best days so I decided to go well outside of my comfort zone, and I must say I have been pleasantly surprised. 

I first shade I tried like this was Dior's Lili which is a sheer pinky nude that has a very glossy finish and just looks like perfected nails, the brush makes it easy and quick to apply so I've been loving being able to having a quick manicure with this one.
The closest highstreet buy to this one that I have found so far is Essie's Birthday Suit, a cult favourite for all the right reasons, I would say this one is slightly more sheer but I actually have been preferring that look recently.
For a more opaque polish Essie's Urban Jungle is a more grey/white tone that gives a more intense finish - I like this one instead of a clean white as it is more complimentary on my skintone when I'm more pale. 

I've seen lots of these types of shades from different brands so if you have any recommendations then please them in the comments below -
Thanks for reading!


Loving the Brand - Chanel.

Continuing on with my 'Loving the Brand' series I have gone or a brand that I have accumulated bits of when I have felt like a real treat. Chanel is one of those brands that gives an experience whenever you go to the counter, everything feels special which adds to the purchase and to my love for their products.

Recently I did a post about a repurchase of the Tan de Soleil (here) which is a complete holy grail product for me as it gives the perfect amount of warmth to the skin and can be built up so even when I'm my ghostly pale self it looks natural.
In terms of mascara I will normally reach for natural bristle brushes as they suit my lashes better, but after hearing reviews I decided to give the Inimitable Intense mascara a try, it claims to give volume, length, curl and separation which all sounds rather amazing. I have been impressed with how this mascara makes my lashes look long and fluttery which I find hard to get from silicone bristles - this was definitely a special purchase for its expense but I like to keep it for special occasions when I want those false looking lashes,
Now for a purchase that wouldn't shock anyone, I had to invest a nude pink lipstick so when I saw the shade Boy from the Rouge Coco Shine range it was love at first sight. As the formula is more hydration based it doesn't last as long as matte shades however I always get dry lips so this is super comfortable for me to wear and is easy to top up during the day. I would recommend this shade to anyone as I feel like its one of those that would go with any makeup look and is perfect to be kept in a handbag.
Lastly is abit of a mad purchase that I have come to love and now will start considering shades from their permanent line. I picked up one the Long Lasting Eyeliners from the Spring collection in the shade Fervent Blue which is the most beautiful deep blue shade I have ever seen! I felt like a moth being drawn to a metallic blue super creamy flame - this could seem a completely mental shade to some but I have worn it with a simple black cat eye on the lid with this on the bottom lashline, I think its an effective way to add a pop of colour to your look without going for a bold smokey eye.

If you have any Chanel favourites please let me know in the comments below -
Thanks for reading!


Lancome Juicy Shakers - Cocktails for the Lips.

I was insanely excited for this Lancome release! I mean how cute are these!! I'm sure you have already heard about these Juicy Shakers but I had to do this post as I have been really enjoying them and wanted to share my thoughts.

So these contain sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil, which nourish the lips making them feel super hydrated and plump and a pigment that will give a wash of colour to the lips. When left to settle the product will separate into half oil and half pigment so all you do is give it a little shake (hence the cocktail shaker packaging - still too cute!) and it will create your lip colour.

There are 13 shades to choose from along with a limited edition which is the blue shade I have in my picture above - this is the shade Mint to Be and looks completely bonkers when your sat applying this to your lips in public, yet it has a secret talent of simply adding what seems a clear layer to your lips but as it has the blue tone creates the look of whiter teeth and boasts a minty fresh scent. While I was looking at the shades online I couldn't just buy one so I found the shade Vanilla Pop which comes out a dusky rose shade, I have started to apply this over other lipsticks to create more comfort on the lips.

I'm really impressed with these Juicy Shakers and already want more in my collection (I need help) I think they are a fantastic idea for holiday to keep the lips hydrated and are so easy to pop in your handbag. If you can get your hands the limited Mint shade then I would highly recommend it - who doesn't want a baby blue lip oil? ..

Thanks for reading!


My Mac Palette.

Mac is one of those brands that I will use consistently for ages then will just stop and forget about it for a while but always fall back in love when I go back to it - I really love the eyeshadow range as there really is every colour you can think of so I decided to build my own palette over a year ago and it has now become the palette I take on holiday as it has everything I need.

First Row L- R 

Shroom - Soft Beige with Shimmer
Brule - Creamy Beige
Naked Lunch - Minimal Pink with Shimmer
Kid - Neutral beige
Expensive Pink - Pink with Duochrome
Mythology - Copper

Second Row L-R

Brown Down - Warm Deep Brown
Brown Script - Warm Chesnut Brown
Antiqued - Ash Brown with Bronze
Rule - Vivid Orange
Coppering - Orange Copper
Paradisco - Bright Pink/Coral with Pearl

Third Row L-R

Woodwinked - Warm Antiqued Gold
Satin Taupe - Taupe with Silver Shimmer
Brun - Muted Blackish Brown
Sketch - Burgundy with Red Shimmer
Fig.1 - Eggplant Purple
Cranberry - Red Plum with Pink Shimmer

Fourth Row L-R

Green Smoke - Tarnished Olive
Beautiful Iris - Lavender with Sheen
Star Violet - Pinky/Brown Plum

Let me know your favourite Mac shade - Thanks for reading!


Loving the Brand - Nars.

So today I am starting a new series on my blog where I will pick my favourite few products from one brand and talk about why I love them, I'm hoping this will be helpful for anyone who is looking into trying a new brand but isn't sure what to try first!

Although I have a few foundations that I really love, Nars Sheer Glow has to be my holy grail, I always go back to it as it gives me that natural finish with a luminosity that I crave with my dry skin. The coverage I would say is medium and can be built up on me, I mainly apply it with a brush as I get higher coverage but with a damp beauty blender it works like a dream and gives the most skin-like finish. 

Now onto the cult favourite; the Creamy Concealer - well this little guy lives up to his high coverage name and blends effortlessly. I am always on the hunt for a good concealer as I was 'blessed' with dark circles that no matter how much water I drink and sleep I get do not budge on bit; I decided to pick this up as there was so much hype around it I wanted to judge it for myself, and I am well and truly on the bandwagon. I would recommend blending this in with a damp sponge as it is quite a thick formula and just looks more flawless with that application. 

Nars do the best highlighters for me as the liquid illuminators give a natural glow that hits the light perfectly without that glittery look. I do use powder highlights but can find that they show off my drier areas on my skin which is not something I want to achieve so the formula of these is perfect and they are so quick to apply. I have two shades, Hot Sands which is a more gold/rose gold that looks gorgeous with more tanned skin and Copacabana which is a lilac/opal finish that I use ALOT in the winter with a grey or taupe smokey eye .

The final shoutout is for the Velvet lip pencils, I have the shade Cruella and it is the best red lipstick I own - I find it goes on so easily and really does not budge on me. However I will say you need a balm underneath if your lips get dry in any sort of way, I use a dab of Nuxe's Reve De Miel and that does the job.

Let me know if you have any favourites from Nars in the comments below -
Thanks for reading!