Dealing With Deadlines.

Recently I have found myself looking on blogs to find ways of dealing with the stresses of being at uni, working, and maintaining a personal life along side. I've found some things to really help and though I would right abit of a different post of what I do and friends do to ease the pressures. 

1. Manage your time: yes I know easier than it said but now I'm in my last year of uni I have learnt different ways to manage my time, one of which is having a diary that has one day per page so I can make a proper schedule. Another way is to have reminders on your phone for assignments or anything else so you can make sure you dont miss anything or have to face the 'all nighter' (we've all been there) cramming an essay into one sitting which is more stress than necessary. 

2. Stay balanced: If anything this is the most important. Making sure you get all your work done in time is very important but dont let yourself become consumed by deadlines, make sure to have a bit of time to yourself and socialise to give your head abit of a break, I actually find my work is better when I've been able to do other things aswell. Obviously the flipside of this is to not go out everynight and neglect your work either. 

3. Treat yourself: give yourself a goal, and really aim for it. I found that by making myself save money and not buying little bits here and there I could say to myself that if I got the grade I wanted I could really treat myself, basically a bit of an incentive to push yourself and makes you really appreciate anything that you get as you worked hard. 

4. Organisation: perhaps my biggest downfall when it comes to my notes and readings from lectures as I am forever getting them mixed up or lost. This year I have decided to try colour coding and gone a little far (slight OCD there) by having a folder in a colour with corresponding post-it notes and highlighters, however it has really helped me keep everything together and I can find anything I need alot quicker. 

5. Little things: try and give yourself a calm surrounding when doing any work, I always used to have music on or the tv but it really is just a distraction and I find that if I do 20 minutes work then 10 minutes break for a couple of hours I get alot more done and it doesn't feel like such hard work. Try not to compare yourself either, just make sure you know that you've tried your hardest as always looking at others just adds pressure that you dont need. Lastly is look after yourself, eating good meals and staying hydrated will give you energy which in turn will help you when trying to do your work. 

Okay so thats it for this little post, I hope that this is a little useful for anyone that needs some ideas, if you have any then please comment them below. I read every comment and will reply to any questions. 

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