Watery Eyes: Make-up Solutions.

Hey guys!
I've recently taken time out from blogging due to personal situations and work making my life pretty hectic so now I have managed to squeeze some time in I thought I would write a post about a specific problem I've been having recently and many others have. 

I suffer from 'dry eyes' which means my tear ducts get blocked causing my eyes to feel dry therefore produce excess tears; meaning they water constantly, which is only good if you're a fan of the panda eye! I now drops which I use twice a day which has really helped however while my eyes were watering so consistently I found wearing my make up really frustrating as I would end up with patches by my eyes. So after my long ramble I am going to tell you guys about the products I went to, that I felt decreased any irritation and were quick and easy to apply.

So first off I have a base, I normally use YSL or Mac but I decided to give the Estee Lauder Day Wear Sheer Tint (available here) a try as I had seen loads of good reviews and I do prefer a more moisturising base in the summer. The coverage is light to medium but you could build it up if you wanted it to look less sheer. The application is super quick and feels like I haven't got make up on once applied which I love!

For eyes I tried out the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's and as a creme shadow sceptic I wasn't looking forward to giving them a go, however I was so amazed at how well they stay on the lid and the colour pay off of every shade is great, my two favourites are 'On and On Bronze' and 'Eternal Pink' (available here). The texture of these blend really well and also mix with any normal shadow, I find the Mac matte shades look really good with these and also last longer when applied on top of the tattoos. 

Finally, mascaras. Waterproof would obviously be my first choice, yet through working at a drugstore and having a slight (huge) addiction to mascara I have been let down by so many that claim to be water resistant yet that end up streaming down my face due to a hint of hayfever. My normal go to mascara is the Lancome Hypnose, but this doesn't have any waterproof qualities and although it's long wearing I needed something that was not going to budge. I finally resorted to the Maybelline Great Lash, a completely inexpensive mascara under £5 yet does the job and doesnt budge at all (available here

Thankyou for reading this post, if you have any other suggestions on make up that is good for watery eyes then please let me know in the comments below! 



  1. lovely comment! I suffer from some serious clostrophobia which can make me feel very panicky which leads to tears so this post was very helpful!!

    1. Awh I'm really glad this was helpful, it's so horrible when you feel you cant make an effort because of problems like that. Thankyou for your lovely comments! x