Mac Holiday Collection: Gold Pigments

I'm abit of a sucker for anything with a bit of a Christmas twist so when beauty brands come out with their holiday collections I cant wait to see what they've done. I have already got a mini palette from the Bobbi Brown collection which is beautiful and will have a review on very soon. 

Now the Heirloom collection from Mac has had me very excited since I saw the US release however since sadly I dont have a bottomless purse (I wish!) I settled on my favourite item from the Keepsake part of the collection which was the pigment box. 

After alot of go and back and forth between the different boxes I eventually went for the nude/gold pigments although the pink toned one was absolutely beautiful! I chose this set as it is the most wearable for me and means I can incorporate some sparkle into my everyday makeup. 

Shades from L-R
Lithe - cream with subtle shimmer
English Gilt - rose gold 
Pretty it up - olive with gold shimmer
Gold Glitter
Deep Brown - matte dark brown

For only £26 this is such a good buy if you're thinking about trying pigments or if you want alot of different colours. I apply mine by dipping my brush into eye drops just so its damp, this makes the look super shimmery and almost like foil, something i'll be doing alot for the upcoming season. 

Have you tried any of the Mac holiday collection? Let me know any of your favourites in the comments below, I read everyone and reply to any questions


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  1. They look so pretty! Perfect for this season!