Flamingo Candles

During Christmas I picked up a fair few candles (far too many!) and on boxing day I had a look on the Flamingo Candles site and saw their Christmas scents had been reduced so I picked up a couple as they sounded far too yummy to leave. Although they were technically part of the Christmas range I would use these scents out of the season as they smell so good and as its still the colder weather these are really comforting scents. 

The best things about these candles is they are made out of soy wax so they dont cause black smoke which is a major bonus, the scents are also fairly strong so you dont have to have them burning for hours on end in order to fill your room with the scent making them last longer. The brand have such a good range so there is pretty much a scent for everyone, they normally retail for £12 a candle but I got these for £6 each which was a really great buy. 

The two scents I picked up are Chocolate Orange, which smells exactly the same as a Terry's Chocolate Orange, weirdly one of my favourite scents but not sure if it will get too sickly, I may have to burn it in short periods. Secondly is Vanilla & Spice, this one is just the perfect warm winter scent, just comforting and seasonal. 

I will definitely be trying more of their range soon, let me know if you have tried any and which ones you would recommend! I read every comment and will reply to any questions.


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  1. Sounds like an interesting line! Vanilla scents are my favorite all year round, but I agree, great for winter!

    Linh | SimplyLinh