Clinique Chubby Eyeshadow Sticks: Review.

For a girl that is makeup obsessed I can often be in the mood for getting out several palettes and 10 blending brushes to achieve a new eye look however I also have a bit of a lazy side that calls for something with less maitenance yet still gives a polished look and I think I have found the answer. 

Every brand these days seems to have come out with eyeshadow sticks and I have tried a fair few yet there is one brand that really stood out in terms of the ease of application and blendability and they are the Chubby Sticks for Eyes from Clinique. What I love about these is the way you can go from a sheer wash of colour to a much bolder statement without taking half an hour and arm ache from all the blending. These also prove to be great bases for pigments or for sheerer eyeshadows if you want to add more depth. 

L-R: Biggest Blossom..Ample Amber..Whopping Willow..Fuller Fudge..Oversized Orchid..Lavish Lilac.

Out of the six shades I own, Biggest Blossom and Ample Amber are my favourite shades both leaning towards the rose gold/copper tone that I love. Whopping Willow would be great for anyone who loves Sumptuous Olive by Mac as it has similar tones within it and is a perfect shade for the Autumn season. Fuller Fudge is one I had to pick up - a rich brown with hints of barely there gold, I've used this on its own for a quick smokey eye. Finally the purples, I find myself reaching for purples alot so it seemed logical to try these out, Lavish Lilac is more of a mauve tone and would look lovely with greys while Oversized Orchid is more vibrant and a shade I lean more towards in the summer months. 

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to play around with eyeshadows I would definitely recommend giving these a go - there is a decent range of shades all of which have great pigmentation, I do think they could do with adding a matte black as I think alot of people would get use out of that shade. 

Thanks for reading, I read all the comments and will reply to any questions! 


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  1. oversized orchid is gorgeous - great swatches :)