Lee Stafford Hair Growth Review.

I think its safe to say that most girls go through a period of wanting long hair, which is great if you're one of the lucky few that can grow it quickly but for me its not so easy. I've always liked having longer hair but I also enjoy changing the colour and style which can and has damaged my hair - Last summer I had 4 inches cut off my hair as I had been dip dying my hair for about 6 months and my ends were super dry and just needed to come off. Although I was glad to have healthy hair again I did feel upset that I had lost so much length and decided to look for a treatment that could help. 

I eventually came across the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range, I initially bought the shampoo, conditioner and the treatment I got them on 3 for £15 which saves alot of money. After a few months of testing I found the shampoo was the most effective of the range in terms of increasing hair growth and I didnt really enjoy the conditioner. The treatment is something I would recommend to anyone, as its the best mask/treatment I have ever used on my hair and keeps it in great condition. 

Its now been roughly a year and I havent had my hair cut in that time, my hair has grown back to its previous length and further and is in much better condition. I would like to say though that I rarely use heat on my hair, I usually let my hair dry naturally and will only used heat tools when Im going out so that will contribute to the health of my hair. It is also not a miracle product, it definitely isnt going to turn you into Rapunzel after one shower however I find that because it looks after the hair so well and keeps it so nourished that it encourages more hair growth, obviously how quick this happens will depend on the individual. 

I hope this helps if anyone is looking into these products, I have used similar items such as Fast Shampoo & Conditioner which did not work for me and made my hair and scalp really dry. I find vitamins can help but work far more on my nails and skin than my hair. The Lee Stafford range is worth a try for anyone even if you just want to improve the health of your hair, I wouldnt call it a miracle product but more like a helping hand. 

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