Bleach London: Rose Shampoo/Conditioner

For a while now I have had plum toned hair which I love but takes alot of upkeep with roots and vibrance or it just looks abit of a mess. Recently I started looking for ways to tone and maintain the colour of my hair to increase the amount of time between dying and the answer came in an unusual product. 

I am well aware the Bleach London range is for what is says on the tin 'bleach blondes' or light coloured hair, however I originally bought their shade Bruised Violet to put on top of my brown hair to tint it slightly and after a great experience with that I dyed it a similar colour permanently. Using their non permanent hair dyes is effective but time consuming since I have to apply to dry hair and leave it for a decent amount of time to get the colour payoff so I looked for an easier alternative. 
The rose shampoo and conditioner when used on platinum blonde hair can leave a milky pink tone which is super pretty and tones the blonde at the same time. However I bought the products to try and reduce my hairs tendancy toward going red/ginger as it pink colouring vamps up the purple in my hair and keeps it the colour I want it to be. When using these, I always use them together and will leave both on for a number of minutes and massage in to make sure I get as much from it as possible. 

If you are looking to try a different colour or have purple/pink tones like myself and want to keep them vibrant then give these a go. I would highly recommend the range to anyone, as the Bruised Violet shade was even noticable on my dark brown hair. 

Let me know of any other ways to maintain the hair colour, any advice is always appreciated! I read every comment and will answer any questions! 


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