Sheer Nude Nails.

Now if I'm being honest I am actually a huge fan of dark nails, I always gravitate to those sultry smokey shades when I'm perusing the beauty isles - however I HATE the way they look when they chip, they are the most obvious colours when they have seen their best days so I decided to go well outside of my comfort zone, and I must say I have been pleasantly surprised. 

I first shade I tried like this was Dior's Lili which is a sheer pinky nude that has a very glossy finish and just looks like perfected nails, the brush makes it easy and quick to apply so I've been loving being able to having a quick manicure with this one.
The closest highstreet buy to this one that I have found so far is Essie's Birthday Suit, a cult favourite for all the right reasons, I would say this one is slightly more sheer but I actually have been preferring that look recently.
For a more opaque polish Essie's Urban Jungle is a more grey/white tone that gives a more intense finish - I like this one instead of a clean white as it is more complimentary on my skintone when I'm more pale. 

I've seen lots of these types of shades from different brands so if you have any recommendations then please them in the comments below -
Thanks for reading!


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  1. Love these shades - they look super pretty!! x