Vaseline Spray & Go Review.

In my last post I showed you guys a big haul I had done before and after my holiday (here), in which I had got the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser in the Cocoa scent. I've now been using the moisturiser for over a week to see if it does work just as well as putting body butter or lotion on. 

As you can see I have also purchased the Aloe version so that pretty much answers the question of do I like this product as I've already bought more. I actually went and got the aloe one as I wanted to try it on my sunburn rather than using cocoa perfume on already sensitive skin. I must admit I was pretty sceptical about this whole concept of aerosol moisturiser however I really love it! I am one of those super lazy people that hates moisturising my whole body, it always feels like a chore and I never keep it up so when something this convenient comes along I just have to try it. 

You do still have to rub this product in a little bit but within 2 minutes you've done your whole body so even lazy people like me have no exscuse! The aloe one did actually soothe my sunburn and stopped any peeling which was a bonus; the cocoa one I like to use on my legs and arms as it smells so nice. I would definitely recommend this product especially for anyone that finds it hard to maintain a body skincare routine or even if you just want to try something abit more convenient. 

Let me know if you've tried any of these and what you thought, I read and reply to all comments! 



  1. I've read so many great things about these products, I would love to try them for myself! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. They are definitely worth a try, and have made me moisturise way more often which is a slight miracle aha! x