Space.NK Mini Splurge

I have always wanted to visit a Space.NK store and on tuesday I finally managed to make the time to visit the one nearest to me. I was really excited as they store so many amazing brands that you cant really find anywhere else unless you go online which when it comes to make-up I try not to do especially for products from high end brands. I did only buy two items so this will be quite a short post, however I have tried them now so I can give you abit of a first impression. 

I first grabbed this illuminator by Nars in the shade Copacabana, I had seen a few reviews on this and wanted to give it a try for myself. When I swatched it in the store I knew I needed to have it, this adds such a beautiful sheen to the skin and you need the tiniest amount so it will last ages! I do normally go for powder highlights as I have found creamier ones to move my foundation round and go patchy but I have had no such problems with this one, I tried this on yesterday and it blended really nicely. I would recommend this if you want a more healthy glow/natural hint of light rather than the full on Kardashian look. 

 My other purchase is something very special and again is something I've really wanted to get my hands on but never took the plunge. The shade I got is 04 Bronze Moon, which is a deep brown/bronze shade and looks amazing when used all over the lid and on the bottom lashline with lots of mascara; definitly a look I will be wearing alot! These are so simple to apply, I just pop it all over my lid then blend it out with my finger and do the same on the bottom, it takes seconds to do but looks beautiful once done. These are an expensive buy but there is alot of product inside and you only need a light touch as they are so pigmented so they will last, and are well worth the purchase if it would be an everyday holy grail like I can see it becoming for me! 

So that is it for my mini splurge, I can do full reviews on these if that is something anyone would be interested in, I read all comments and will reply to any questions. 


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  1. You bought lovely products :) xo