When Your Skin Needs a Pamper.

Since its Easter Sunday tomorrow and most people are off work and can have a more relaxing day I thought I would share a couple of products that I love to use when I want to give my skin a treat and a well deserved rest from all the make-up thats put on it everyday! 

I chosen two masks as I love both, the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask came free with a magazine last month and I couldnt wait to try it out as I have sensitive and dry skin so giving my skin some radiance is always needed. This mask only needs to stay on for 5 minutes so its a great choice if you want to do a mask but dont have alot of time on your hands; it also has a scrub like texture so it buffs away dead skin aswell as bringing out the impurities. 
The Second mask is from the Superdrug own brand range and is the Hydration with Vitamin E Moisture Mask, again I chose this due to my particular skin type but they do a whole range to suit everyone. This mask is meant to be left on for about 15 minutes so its lovely if you want to take a bath with it on or just chill out for abit! 

Lastly my favourite skincare product...this is my all time holy grail, if I could only take one thing to an island item - Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. This stuff is just incredible, I couldnt sing its praise enough even if I tried! It is expensive but it lasts forever and makes such a difference to my skin that its worth it. I found this bottle in a CCO shop so it was quite a bit cheaper than the regular price, I will definitely buy this over and over again; if your skin is in need of some love give this a try!

Let me know any skincare recomendations, I read every comment and will reply to any questions! 



  1. Tee hee, you said 'pamper' ;-) Yeah, the ANR II is a total HG for me too. I aaaaaalways have a bottle in stock, always!

  2. The night cream sounds amazing! I really need to step up my skin care routine! :D