Complexion Perfection!

So the party season is upon us again, and the full coverage foundations, glittery eyeshadows and red lipsticks are being dusted off for their return. I have been looking for a flawless complexion duo for a while now and although I do have other foundations and concealers that I enjoy using these two new additions are my bit of luxury for when I need that perfected face.

Tom Ford is a brand I have always lusted after and really just signifies luxury to me, the packaging is always sleek and everything just feels special - which of course it should for its hefty price tag! Now for the foundation I chose to try the Traceless Perfecting Foundation which once applied gives a luminous glow to the skin, and although it feels lightweight the coverage is exactly how I like it - covers everything whilst still looking like your own skin. I have tried applying this base with a brush and RT sponge and it works well with  both, the brush gives a higher coverage but the sponge creates a seamless finish, so for the most perfected look I tend to use both.
Then onto concealer which if you're blessed with good skin you can skip however my genetic dark circles (thanks mom!) mean I have to keep one in my routine, so I figured why not try the Concealing Pen which is a twist up and a sponge top applicator which I am really liking for when I need to do touch ups during the day. Similar to the foundation the formula is lightweight yet pigmented and has no problem brightening my undereye area so definitely one to try if you have the same concerns.

Often with luxury beauty products I have some speculation about if its going to be worth the bruise to my bank card but these have been totally worth it to me. I certainly wont be wearing them everyday but im finding being able to reach for them when I have somewhere more special to go or if I'm having a bad time with my skin to be a great option and I would really recommend them for anyone that doesn't mind the splurge!

Thanks for reading, I read every comment and will reply to any questions!


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  1. I've never tried any Tom Ford make up product, I love their perfumes though! So good!! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS