Current Faves.

So although around now I should be doing my January favourites, I haven't really got any products that I have just started loving so I thought I would do a post on some staples that I have been picking up alot over the recent couple of months. 
For makeup I have two products that I have become obsessed with recently and the first is the Tom Ford lipstick in Spanish Pink - now I am a sucker for a nude pink, I probably own enough to set up my own store, so why buy another one? Honestly, I was intrigued by the price tag as I couldnt understand how a lipstick could be worth £38 it seemed completely insane to me so I wanted to see what the fuss was all about, and well... I get it. The lipstick is super creamy and pigmented and the shade I have is my everyday shade that I can put on with any makeup look - my advice would be to buy a shade you will get a lot of wear out of as although a vibrant red might look beautiful but you dont want nearly £40 worth of lipstick being put away in a drawer from not being used very often. My next favourite is a foundation and this is a weird one for me as I really did not get on with this when I first tried it 4 years ago however I wanted to try a full coverage foundation and figured I might aswell give it another try and I am so glad I did. If you have very dry skin I really would stay clear of this foundation as that was my problem when I first tried it however my skin has now balanced much more and I find this wears beautifully throughout the day, I can go a day at work and not need to touch up my base (round of applause!) which is completely new to me - im super impressed with this and will be doing a full review on it soon. 

I now have a fragrance favourite and this is certainly not new to me however I have rekindled my love for it over the Christmas months. Jo Malone's signature scent in Pomegranate Noir is such a distinct perfume, it has a comforting warmth that I absolutely love, the first time I wore it was on my 21st birthday so its become abit nostalgic aswell now. 

And finally for my life changer! And no im not being over dramatic this lip balm is completely amazing. I know I am pretty late to the party on this one but I am converted - Nuxe's Reve De Miel Balm is like a mask for your lips. I suffer from cracked dry lips all year round so when I want to wear a bold lipstick I tend to just give up as it never looks very nice however if I apply this balm in the morning and when I go to bed at night my lips stay hydrated and comfortable all day. I cannot rave about this one enough - if you suffer from dry lips and have tried pretty much everything, check this one out!! 

So thats it for this post, thanks for reading, please leave any comments or questions below!


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