Fuller Lips.

After this summer the fuller Kylie Jenner lip obsession has been in full swing and we all want to be able to achieve the same look, however she may be denying it but there is no way that is all natural and the crazy overlining is not something that we should all try to pull off. So with that in mind, how do we achieve this look without smeering gloss up to our nose? Well I think I've found a way that enhance your natural lips, I like using this routine as it just makes my lips look fuller and healthier but not to the point of fake. 

If I do go for that fuller lip look I tend to only do natural shades as I think it looks less intense than a red lip for instance, the steps I use can be put with any shade at all and if you are more confident with your lip colours then it should work just as nicely. 

I always start with a lip liner and my favourite is the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in the shade Eastend Snob, its a really creamy consistency and is a neutral rose toned pink, I make sure I line my lips precisely and emphasise the cupids bow I then blend the liner with my ring finger so it doesnt have such a bold line. 

For the next step I use a lipstick, I never tend to use a matte finish for this look but thats just my preference, so the one I use is the L'Oreal Privee Nude in Cheryl's shade which is a satin finish beige tone. I really like the formula of these they feel really moisturising on the lips and have a nice finish that even on their own look great with a smokey eye. 

The last step I use is a gloss, I tend to pick a tone that really matches the lipstick I'm using so at the moment I'm constantly picking up Urban Decay's Naked Gloss in the shade Naked which is a nude toned gloss with small shimmer in that doesnt look like glitter but looks really beautiful when the light hits it. These glosses are super nourishing aswell and arent sticky which is something that puts me off gloss most of the time as the whole hair stuck to your face look is not one I'm too keen on. 

So those are my three easy steps to get fuller looking lips, I'm really enjoying this look at the moment especially with Christmas parties coming up when I love to do a bolder eye and need something simple for my lips. 

Let me know if you have any tips on to make your lips look fuller, I read every comment and reply to any questions. 

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  1. aah they look so good! need to try this myself i think

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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